Wisterious Hiking

This afternoon, the Lights took Jim, Vienna, and me out hiking at this trail nearby their house. The sun has finally broken out from the rainy and snowy conditions of the past few weeks. It actually feels a little bit like California now!

Life is a little bit more relaxed when you don’t have to drive 300 miles to your next location. Tonight’s performance will be held at the Temple Ball Gallery where the Tori Amos Tribute Show occurred last night.

The hike was a fun change of pace from the constant touring the past couple of weeks. I must have looked funny wearing cycling pants with backpacking socks and dress shoes! I guess I didn’t anticipate some off-trail extracurricular activity on this trip!

During the tour, people have been coming up to me, asking if I was:

  1. Vienna’s husband
  2. Vienna’s boyfriend
  3. Vienna’s personal assistant
  4. None of the above

With Jim in the mix, the situation becomes more complex and confusing. I could now be:

  1. Jim’s husband
  2. Jim’s boyfriend
  3. Jim’s personal assistant
  4. None of the above

To perpetuate the wisterious mystery, I leave you with the following images:

On the way back home, we stopped the car so that I could get out and take pictures of the wisteria vines on this tree. There were a couple of cyclists on the other side of the road, and — always one to check out bikes — I deliberately crossed the street so that I had to walk by them. As I passed the guy on the Klein, I noticed that he looked remarkably familiar. I went up to him and said, “Your name is Ken, right?” Of all the places to meet up with fellow Stanford classmate Ken Ho, the last place I would have thought would have been Chapel Hill, North Carolina! It turns out he’s getting his Masters and MBA at UNC Chapel Hill before heading over to Denver for work. I met his fiancée Tanya, along with his cycling pals, Tucker and Emily.

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