Ahn in San Francisco

Ahn was in the Bay Area this weekend, and I met her and her friend in the City on Friday evening. They had never driven in San Francisco before, so it took us awhile to finally see each other. We originally planned to meet at Union Square, but I ended up tracking them down on foot as they circled round and round downtown, eventually settling at a parking space between Fourth and Fifth along Mission.

We had dinner at Ar Roi in what I think was Thai Town, judging from the number of Thai restaurants along the street (Post and Taylor). Ahn has been gobbling up Thai food since she arrived in LA earlier in the week. Georgia must not have a lot of Thai restaurants in the area! Sadly, I have yet to eat at a Thai restaurant that has changed my opinion of the cuisine. There’s something about it that hasn’t fared well with my taste buds.

Afterwards, we walked around Union Square and took some pictures before we headed back to our respective cars. As they headed back to their hotel, I drove down to Folsom and Eighth, where I met up with Rae, Susan, and Petrice at the Cat’s Club. If you want to relive the punk days of the 80’s, this is the place to go. Although I haven’t been going out clubbing as much as I did back in 2000 and 2001, I haven’t forgotten my moves! As usual, it was mostly women dancing, with the guys hanging by the walls with their hands on their b*lls. Oh well!

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