Weekend Nouvelles

CenterRun Datacenter Software held their company party Friday at their Redwood City offices. The company recently was acquired by Sun Microsystems, and the party was a celebration of the past three years of accomplishments. A Caribbean band was present to provide the musical tunes, and there was a full complement of fun activites to be found, including a rock climbing wall, American Gladiator-style jousting ring, and a wild (foam-filled) bull. I had been hired to photograph the event, thanks to Mike’s referral. Mike and I go way back to freshman year at Stanford, where we were in the same frosh dorm. Go Disco Donner!

On Saturday, I went to the grand opening of the King Library in San Jose. The new library is a collaboration between San Jose State University and the city of San Jose. According to its web site, the library is the “largest, all-new library west of the Mississippi, an innovative collaboration which has created an invaluable community resource open and free to all. A feast for the mind, as well as the eyes, the King Library boasts a collection of roughly 1.5 million items as well as delightful public art installations awaiting your discovery on every floor.” The place was indeed immense, reminding Rae of a busy airport terminal.

Wushu Central (along with a number of other community groups and organizations) was at the grand opening to perform a martial arts demo to the public. I arrived a little late, but saw the last set from the group. I also ran into my cousin, Sunny, and his young family. After the demo, the Wushu Central group and I had lunch at a Pizza a Go-Go in the appropriately termed Board Room (the restaurant is adorned with surfing paraphernalia).

I cycle by the Stevens Creek Reservoir several times a week, and I’ve always seen kayakers paddling their way across the water. I had thought that those people owned their own kayaks, but I learned most of them were rented right off the dock! Rae and I put down the $20 for the hour and paddled our way from one end of the reservoir to the other end. This was the first time that I’ve kayaked since my trip to Rhode Island back in 2001. I think it would be fun to own a kayak and take it out everyday for a morning run. Eco-Challenge, here I (might) come!

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