APAture Fundraiser

On Friday evening, I left behind the heavy camera and instead took along Rae’s PowerShot A70 to the APAture Fundraising party at the Blind Tiger Lounge in San Francisco. The A70 has a suprising number of advanced features for an entry-level digital camera, such as aperture priority, shutter-speed priority, manual controls, and flash-power adjustment. These features give the camera more flexibility than a simple point and shoot digicam like the smaller PowerShot S230. The A70 is no replacement for the 1D, but it is much more pocketable and convenient.

Jay and David were both at the fundraiser to document the event with their large DSLR’s. Jay recently got a Fuji S2 Pro, and I was suprised to see how small the camera was. Based on an Nikon N80 body, the S2 is tiny compared to the 1D! He was shooting with a Photoflex Light Dome (with a wireless slave setup), which proves very useful in dark environments like bars and clubs. David’s off to Burning Man this coming week, and he’ll be lugging along his Kodak DCS 760 to the desert. Watch out for dust!

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