IDEO Workshop

IDEO University kept the DVF fellows busy for Thursday and Friday of last week. I once took a class with the founder of IDEO, David Kelly, at Stanford. CS447/ME296 was my first experience with working in a multi-disciplinary group. My group designed SportsScope, the video for which you can view on my web site. Dan Kim and David Northway were two people who were in the class at the time with whom I’m still in frequent contact with. Dan also works at IDEO these days!

The workshop was helpful in stirring our creative juices. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a real brainstorm or designed something quick in five minutes. The processes and methodologies that they outlined will likely be used throughout the course of the Fellowship this year.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, I jetted over to hear the end of the Stanford Convocation, where the Class of 2007 was officially welcomed to the Stanford community by President Hennessey. 10 years ago, I was sitting with my parents in Frost Amphitheater listening to former President Gerhard Casper. I don’t recall his speech, but I do remember that it was hot! The messenger might change every few years, but the weather is constant!

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