Dardy's End of Summer Party

Dardy held his end of the summer party on Friday night. Notable people that I ran into included Aileen Chen, whom I haven’t seen in ages (and she’s been in SF this whole time!) and Tony Lo, a graduate from 96 who looks vaguely familiar. There is a connection that can be gleaned from our shared Stanford history, but I don’t know it at the moment. I found out from Tony that Dardy’s roommate Alan was on the Stanford swim team. I would have never of known that, since he’s built much more like a wrestler than a fish! It was nice to talk with Aileen, who’s now a computer programmer for an Internet company in the area. “Didn’t you used to be hum bio?” I asked her. Indeed she was, but following college, she discovered the joy of programming. Cool!

Tried my hand at tasting some of Dardy’s liquid concotions. The jello shot tasted the best, although too many of them would no doubt have proven to be dangerous.

I didn’t feel like lugging around the big camera, so Rae was kind enough to bring her PowerShot. Here are photos from the night!

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