AQW Party

AQW moved into their new headquarters in Sunnyvale this past week, and on Saturday night they held their christening party. Javi, Osv, Daniel, and Felix, along with Mark, Randy, and the rest of the gang assembled quite the guest list of their friends and co-workers. They did not, however, inform all of their new neighbors, some of whom were put off by the noise and registered a complaint with the police. Shortly before midnight, the cops came and encouraged the reduction in noise. The music went down and people started coming into the house, which quickly became a sauna, from what I heard.

It’s too bad that the party fizzled out by 2 am (I had left around midnight), since it was shaping up to be a worthy sequel to Clubertino from a few week’s prior.

It was good to see Joe from the Fellowship attend the party. Though he wasn’t able to stay that long (after a long day in San Francisco), he was able to discover the phenomenon that is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)!

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