Held So Close Redux

Facing East’s dance performance, HELD SO CLOSE…remembering the poets of Angel Island concluded its run on Sunday evening. We had a much bigger crowd than the previous week, which was certainly a good thing. Perhaps the article in the Bay Guardian helped, or my flurried posts to a variety of lists and web sites I frequent did. Thanks to everyone who came to either Sunday’s event or Saturday’s event, including Auntie Mei and Uncle Peter, Edna and Erik, Randy, Cristina and Wilson, Scott and Nancy, Cathy, Susan, Petrice, and Judy!

Once things settle down a bit, I’ll run through the rest of the unpublished photos from the 2-week performance and post the best ones. I stayed in the back near Cecily and Ryan, where I was videotaping the performance on the VX-2000. For dance photography, you really need to be close to the action. The 28-70mm lens on my 1D just wouldn’t cut it for anything other than establishing shots.

Despite nursing a bruised ankle/heel, Rae did a great job on her dance pieces. I was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the jumping and stances in Paper Walls, but she swept away those concerns with panache. Rae feels no pain! She is like a piece of iron!

Following the performance and reception in the lobby, the dancers and close friends filed out to the street, where Sue and company had food and drink. Afterwards, Rae, Susan, Petrice, Randy, and I drove down to 19th and Irving, where we had some additonal, last-minute Pho, before heading back to our respective homes.

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