Stanford Golf

Stanford hosted the Nelson Invitational this weekend at the Stanford Golf Course. Alex King and I went to take some photographs of the tournament on Sunday morning. We followed two groups of Stanford golfers, Pat Phillips and Brandon Lawson and Matt Savage and Scott MacDonald, through the front nine before calling it a day. I figured that there would be crowds of people following the matches, so I was surprised to see that it was just the two of us for much of the morning.

There are rules to photographing at golf tournaments. You shouldn’t trip the shutter while the golfer is preparing to hit the ball nor doing his swinging/putting motion. If you’ve watched any tournaments on TV, you’ve likely seen the wrath of a golfer when a photographer does not follow the rules. Alex, being an avid golfer, gave me a number of tips for shooting golf. I had rented a 2x converter for my 70-200 lens, but I wish that I hadn’t. Image quality suffers noticeably with the extender. I probably should have rented the 1.4x or not used one at all. Alex was shooting with his 10D and a 75-300mm lens and his results were very nice. There were noticeable differences between the color balance of the 1D and the 10D. I preferred his colors out of the camera a lot better than mine and the extra resolution is nice.

I was shooting in sRGB mode instead of AdobeRGB to accomodate the Stanford Daily.

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