Khalid's Party in San Francisco

Khalid from my Digital Vision Fellowship Program at Stanford held a party at his apartment in San Francisco last night. His project centers around developing technological and business solutions that integrate ICT centers in rural Bangladesh. It was fun seeing the Fellows in an environment outside of Stanford. We should do more outside activities and have more parties like this! The food that Khalid and his wife prepared was really good. They had a huge lamb, tasty chicken, and great veggies for us to feast on!

Joe informed us that he’s going to Vegas to watch the Super Bowl with his father, who’s traveling through the City of Sin on business. As much as I hated the Patriots when they beat the Rams in the Super Bowl two years ago, I am somewhat rooting for them this year. It’s probably because Rodney Harrison, a former Charger, is now on the team. On the other side, Dan Henning, the former head coach of the Chargers, is the Panthers’ offensive coordinator, but I don’t care as much about him as Harrison. Still, I don’t really mind who wins the game, so as long as it’s exciting.

I didn’t realize that Tino was a digital SLR photographer (Fuji FinePix S2). We spoke a bit about the Canon EOS-1D Mark II and how Canon appears to be ahead of the technology curve than Nikon. We’ll see what Nikon, Fuji, and Kodak might have planned in a few weeks at the PMA conference in Vegas. Somehow, I don’t think that they have anything close to the 1D Mark II anywhere close to release. It can be an expensive proposition to switch camera systems — Nikon to Canon or vice versa!

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