Super Bowl

Whether you are a fan of defense, offense, or special teams, this year’s Super Bowl 38 had something for everyone. We had fumbles, interceptions in the end zone, missed kicks, blocked kicks, kickoffs that went out of bounds, and game-winning field goals. We had exciting pass plays, running plays, and lots of backfield stuffing! Although no one of my favorite teams were in the game, I was slightly rooting for the Patriots. Yes, I know, the same Patriots that beat my Rams and Raiders in the playoffs two years ago. Next year, my allegiances will undoubtedly shift once again! But congrats go out to both the Patriots and the Panthers. It was a good Super Bowl this year, one worthy of the name.

We had our Super Bowl party at Dardy’s place Sunday afternoon. Randy and I made the KFC run. Two 12 buckets of the Colonel’s original and extra crispy recipe, along with some coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and beans. It’s bad for you, but as the Subway commerical went, sometimes you can treat yourself to some bad fast food.

We didn’t find the commercials to be all that good. We did see the commercial on CNN right after halftime began. CBS/Viacom has no problem selling advertising time for anti-smoking and anti-drug commercials, not to mention an MTV voting commercial, but they have a problem with the Moveon commercial? Come on, don’t preach your precious rules and regulations when you guys knew what shocking moments were going to be ripped… revealed during the halftime show! Gimme a break. And Michael Powell, were you listening to the lyrics during some of these songs? That alone was way worse than any breast shot we saw of Janet Jackson!

Man, I’m sounding like an activist! Okay, calming down now…

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