Petrice's Chinese New Year Party

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Petrice held her annual Chinese New Year party in Berkeley yesterday evening. Familiar faces from previous parties and other gatherings were present at the festivities. As usual, Petrice cooked up a storm of culinary delights in her tiny kitchen.

It was good to see Michael and Deb again, whom I hadn’t seen since Rae’s film screening at Apature last September. Deb’s coming up on her 4-year anniversary at her dot-com company; that’s remarkable given the high turnover and failure rate of companies in the industry. Michael and I chatted about his large collection of CD’s, vinyl records, and cassettes. When asked whether or not he’d like it all digital, he said, “It would certainly make moving everything a whole lot easier!” I second that; I’ve got a large box filled with my CD’s and cassettes that is gathering dust in the garage. Since I’m not much of an audiophile, I don’t notice any dropoff in quality between the MP3’s and the original CD’s. The only nuisance with digital media is the need to keep buying bigger and bigger hard drives! My photo collection is at 115GB and my music collection is at 5.5GB today!

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