Dan Kim Going Away Lunch

During my lunch with George, I learned that Dan Kim is returning to Korea with his family. It turns out that Woo-Young got a great University position that they could not ignore. She and the kids are already back in Korea, and Dan will be leaving in a few weeks.

In the past, events like this would mean I’d never see or hear from Dan again. Thanks to the Internet, however, I’ll be able to keep in touch with Dan and his family in the years to come. Software and hardware like iChat AV and iSight make it easier than ever to stay in contact with friends and family using video and audio conferencing.

In other news, I was trying to get my Leica lenses to work on my 1D. I’ve read accounts of people who have gotten this to work, but all I could manage was some very low-depth of field macro shots. Leica has announced that they are working on an M-series digital rangefinder and Epson had a rangefinder digital under glass at the recent PMA conference. If someone could manufacture a full-frame digital rangefinder, I would seriously consider buying one. The 1D is great, but sometimes it is a little too large to carry around everywhere you go.

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