Larry Lessig Seminar

Larry Lessig is a modern day Don Quixote. He’s the perserver of the integrity of copyright and the champion of Creative Commons! I just hope that he has more success at jousting the legal windmills than he has been having lately.

Lessig spoke Thursday afternoon in a joint seminar with the Reuters and Knight Fellows at Stanford. His talk was similar to the one that Creative Commons’ CEO Glen Brown gave a few months ago, but Lessig jazzed it up a bit with an snazzy PowerPoint/Keynote presentation. I do think he should go slow on the slide jumping… it felt like I was watching an MTV video… too many quick cuts!

For the past few seminars, Steve and I have been using SubEthaEdit to take notes during the talks. SubEthaEdit is an application that uses Rendezvous (Zero-Conf) to allow up to 42 people to write simulataneously to the same file. It’s like Extreme Programming for notetaking! I think it would be cool to have all of the fellows taking notes at the same time. The problem is most of the Fellows (save for Megan, Steve, and myself) don’t have Macs!

I’ve been thinking about Creative Common’izing some or all of my photos. I’d choose either the Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial License or the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License license. Though the interpretation of the license is clear to me, what’s not so clear is how other people will interpret it. Would applying a Creative Commons license encourage more people to link to my photos or copy them to their web server for publishing (assigning proper credit, of course)? What’s to stop people from using my photo for semi-commercial purposes? What’s to stop someone from doing it now, I should ask myself.

As with most things, I think about them for a long time before making a decision. One thing is for sure; if I change my license, it’s going to be a pain to edit the copyright bar on all of the photos!

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