Warm Strangers Release at Borders

Warm Strangers, the second album from singer-songwriter Vienna Teng was released today. Vienna performed in front of a huge crowd at the Borders Bookstore in Palo Alto. Two years ago, only a handful of people might have attended one of her in-store performances. Now, the line goes up and down the stairwell and around the second floor aisles! It has been quite the treat to see her fan base grow over the years.

For many, this was the first opportunity to hear new tracks such as Homecoming, Shasta, Mission Street, Atheist Christmas Carol, and the Green Island Serenade. As Letterman said of Waking Hour, “I’ve heard the entire CD and there’s not a dud on this.”

A very interesting cross-section of my life was at the performance. I ran into people whom I haven’t seen in years such as Jamie Dermon or months as in Roget, Carolyn, and Melissa. Randy’s sister, Ann was there with her friends Ann and Kam. I also saw and/or spoke with Eric’s cousin Charlotte, Eric, Oliver, Leighton, Bill, Levi, Vanessa, Mai-Sin, Michele, Eric, Christy, Grace, and more! There were numerous people photographing and videotaping (including a guy who cut in front of me to get a better angle!) the event. There was even one young lady who was holding her cell phone up, presumably letting the person on the other end get an aural glimpse of Vienna! And, I even saw one of the competitors from last weekend’s Wushu Collegiates at Stanford!

If you live in the Bay Area, she’s performing at Cowell Theater in San Francisco this Sunday evening. Record or Tivo the Oscars, cause this is your chance to hear Vienna Teng live before she goes off on her nationwide tour!

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