WideRay, Apple Store, and Tickets

I drove up to San Francisco this morning to help photograph Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble during a rehearsal for an upcoming show. Afterwards, I met up with Njideka and Raphael at the WideRay headquarters, where they were meeting with Bill and Andrew (last seen at Stanford Stadium a few years back). We’re excited to get a development kit from WideRay. It looks like it could be a good solution for a couple of the fellows’ projects this year.

Following our meeting, Raphael and I walked over to the new Apple Store on Market Street and Stockton. They were giving away grab bags for the big opening this past Saturday. For $250, you got this large bag filled with assorted Apple goodies. Apparently, some people received iPod mini’s, Airport Extreme Base Stations, wireless keyboards and mice, software, and more! They only had 200 grab bags available for the first people in line. Sounded like people got a good deal out of their $250, eh? The store is absolutely beautiful. When we heard about the glass staircase, some of us immediately thought of what would happen in the event of an earthquake. Let me tell you, that glass staircase looks very, very solid and stable!

Raphael and I had lunch/dinner over at Mel’s diner above the parking garage. While eating, we saw two cars get ticketed across the street (apparently, it’s street cleaning day on Wednesdays). One of the cars even got towed away! When we were leaving Mel’s, we saw the people who owned the car. They did look a little confused and unhappy as they called to find out what happened to their car. I hear it’s expensive to get a car out of the pound!

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