Jingwei Girls Screening at the PFA

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Meyer Library to scan the film I had developed the previous day. Meyer is more of a study-hall these days as opposed to a library. They moved most of the books a few years back to Green Library. The scanning computers were QuickSilver PowerMacs running Jaguar, with network login ability. The scanners were Epson Perfection 3200’s, not the best scanners, but hey, I’m easy to please. The photos were shot using T-MAX 3200 black and white film. The pattern of the grain in high-speed film is random compared to the digital noise in high ISO photos. To me, the grain gives the images a look of reality that just can’t be matched (see the comments below for a debate on this opinion).

Afterwards, I rode the bike over to Stanford Stadium, where Po’k and Randy were doing a shoot the LGBT’s 30th anniversary documentary film. It’s good to see my video camera equipment getting some use these days; it’d be a shame for it to gather dust in the closet!

Isabel Maxwell came to speak at the weekly Fellowship seminar. Her accomplishments speak for themselves, and it looks like the Israeli Venture Network she’s involved with is a hit too. There are a number of similarities between what they have done in Tiberias and what Jordan is planning in the Jordan Education Initiative. I’m sure that Michelle and Isabel will be in touch as Michelle gets up to speed with assisting in the JEI.

In the evening, I drove up to Berkeley to attend Rae’s screening of Jingwei Girls at the Pacific Film Archive. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to the PFA, thanks to the slow traffic on 880. Susan, Bryan, Petrice, Jeff, Vinita, and Ben were at the screening, and they told me that people seemed to enjoy the documentary. Randy’s Submissive got the most laughs, of course.

Following the screening (they also played a documentary on DJ’s and women comedians), the group went to Koryo BBQ for some Korean food. I called up Joon-Mo to get his culinary recommendations (the Kim Chee Stew was spicy!). We all gorged ourselves on way too much food before heading over to Petrice’s place. While drinking tea and eating pastries, we watched last year’s Victoria’s Secret catwalk show, some quick episodes of the Simpsons, and even a little Empire Strikes Back. The Victoria’s Secret show was televised on UPN, a public channel. Man, that stuff was way “worse” (or better, depending on your point of view) than anything Janet Jackson did at the Super Bowl!

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