Lunatic bought a lightly used Newton the other day. Its backlight was really bright compared to our well-traveled Newtons. I wonder how many Newtons were manufactured? 40,000? 80,000? If you haven’t picked one up yet, now’s a good time. They are selling cheap on eBay!

Kevin finally figured out why he couldn’t get his Newton to communicate wirelessly with his Airport network. His Lucent WaveLAN card was busted! My Farallon Skyline card work in both of our Newtons, but the WaveLAN clunked out on both. There’s two bids on Skyline cards on eBay. Kevin and Roland, go get them!

I’m doing a little experiment with my camera. I shoot RAW+JPEG using the Large Fine JPEG setting. I’ve switched to the Small Fine JPEG setting. This reduces the filesize of the JPEG from an average of 3.5MB to 1MB. I figured I’ll use the small JPEG for cataloging purposes and for the web. Since I have the RAW file, I always have access to a high-resolution version of the image.

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