DVF Commencement

The last time I was in the Stanford Faculty Club was for the Symbolic Systems Class of 1997 gradudation party. 7 years later, I’m back for another graduation, the 2003-2004 Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship Program. Friends and family of the Digital Vision Program convened in the Gold Room for the end-of-year commencement dinner.

It didn’t seem that long ago when we were taking a tour of the Cantor Art Museum or the Intel Museum. When I look back at the over 1600 images I’ve taken over the course of the Fellowship, I keep saying to myself, “Man, those 9 months went by fast!” My experience in the Fellowship has been terrific; I’ve never been around such dedicated and extraordinary people.

The speeches every Fellow gave last night tugged my emotional strings. It’s sad to note that this group might never all be in the same room again. Some of the Fellows have already left to return back to their home countries and cities. I’m going to miss the face-to-face interactions with the Fellows (despite the availability of video chat). I’m just going to have to tour the world — South Africa, Vietnam, India, Boston, Rome, Kenya, Japan, and Nigeria — to get my Fellowship fix!

Photos from the evening. Thanks to everyone in the program — Amy, Stuart, Michelle A., Heather, Njideka, Brij, Raphael, Joe, Annamalai, Rajendra, Khalid, Megan, Sukumar, Tino, Michael, Steve, Michelle W., Shuji, and Edgardo! You’ve made for an immensely rewarding and unforgettable past 9 months!

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