Mission Street with Eric and Vienna

Despite their schedules being a click away, Eric and Vienna are hard people to keep track of. Eric recently returned from a trip to Fiji, where he continued to demonstrate his growing mastery of underwater photography. Vienna was getting ready for another mini-tour to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and San Diego, before returning to San Jose for a show a Montgomery Theater on June 1.

Mission Street. I finally walked into the apartment where the song of the same name on Warm Strangers was written. Vienna made the comment that her apartment doesn’t feel like home anymore. The motels and hotels she stays in during her tour are home now. “Is she lonely, driving all those miles on the open road?” “No,” she replied, “At times. I felt more lonely sitting in front of my computer in my cube at work.” So true. I sometimes wonder if the life of the cube is waiting for me after the Fellowship is over, or if I’m better suited to continuing to do my own thing for a little while longer. We’ll find out soon enough; the program is ending next week!

“Is that gaffer tape?” I asked Vienna, spying this small black roll on her desk. I’ve been looking for a roll for a few weeks now, as I’m eager to get my Mark II covered up from prying eyes. Eric’s already covered his Mark II with gaffer tape, though it seems to serve the opposite purpose of encouraging people to ask, “Why did you tape up your camera?”

As Eric took Vienna’s hard piano case down the stairs, I was asking myself, “Is that case really that light? Or, is Eric that strong now?” I didn’t recall one person being able to lift the whole thing. The answer became apparent when Vienna arrived in her car and pulled out her soft case with the piano inside!

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