Rae's New Bike

This past weekend, Rae and I went to the local Chain Reaction store in Los Altos to pick up a new bike. We were deciding between a 2003 Trek 2300 WSD that was on sale and a new 2004 Trek 2200 WSD. Trek had discontinued the 2300 line to encourage women to “upgrade” to the 5200 WSD. The new 2200 has a carbon rear stay to go along with a carbon seat tube, while the 2300 had an all aluminum frame, Race Lite Wheels, and full Ultegra components. They didn’t have a 43cm 2200 in stock, so Rae had to test ride the 47cm. Feeling it to be too large and eager to walk away with a bike, we decided on the 2300.

After shopping for accessories and clothes (10% off when you buy a new bike), we got Rae sized for her new bike. I’ve never been properly sized for my Trek 5200. I’m pretty sure that my stem is too long; I always feel too stretched out on the hoods. One of these days, I’m going to do a massive overhaul on the bike… or buy a new one. The 5200 that I have is almost 10 years old. I’ve already replaced the rear cassette (moving from an 11-21 to a 12-25), the brake pads, the seat, and cables. It’s still running on Ultegra 8-spd. Sometimes I wonder if it’s cheaper to buy a new bike than to upgrade all of the components!

Tour de France time is coming up next month! Now with her new bike, I have a feeling that Rae will be beating me up the hills!

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