Oakland Dance Festival

Facing East Dance and Music performed at the Alice Arts Theater in Oakland in the first annual Oakland Dance Festival. The festival is being produced by Company C Contemporary Ballet under Charles Anderson. Other companies performing in the next two weeks include Capacitor and Savage Jazz Dance Company.

Facing East performed an abbreviated version of the Held So Close production from last year. I was fortunate to be able to photograph the dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon. It’s sooo much better than photographing during the live performance. There was another photographer standing in the hallway during the performance clicking away the entire night. I must admit to being a bit irritated to hear the guy’s 10D shutter tripping every few seconds… late. He returned the next night with a tripod. Even though I sat further away from him, I could still hear the shutter going off during the performance. As a photographer, I’m always concerned whether or not I’m making too much noise working. It’s possible that the audience didn’t notice, but I sure did!

As is to be expected, Facing East did its usual bang-up job. Company C and Savage Jazz weren’t too shabby themselves, and my my what “interesting” outfits Savage had his dancers wear!

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