MasterCard was looking for Asian-American actors for a new “Priceless” commercial they are filming. Auditions were held in Landmark Building C at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco. They were looking to cast an Asian mother, father, and an 18-22 year old Asian male with long hair! According to the flyer, they were paying $$$$$$$$$$$$ for the part!

Despite Randy and Rae’s insistence that I no longer looked like a freshman — no doubt blinded by the dollar signs — I went to the audition Saturday afternoon. There were dozens of young Asian males in the waiting room, most of whom didn’t have long hair at all! There were a few true families (the mom, dad, and son came to the audition) but more make-believe families (ones that the casting people put together). I was paired up with Flora, Hai-Ning, and my “brother” Vincent.

Vincent was trying to describe his major at Stanford as being a mix of computer science and psychology. Hah! I told him excitedly, “So… you’re a Symbolic Systems student!” Class of 2003, meet Class of 1997!

It was funny when the casting people told a Asian guy with short, spiky hair that his hair was too short. They also told this very late-30’s, early 40-year old that he was too old for the part of the 18-year old! I laughed then, but I wasn’t laughing when the lady behind the camera — after I had filmed my slate and takes — said that I did look youthful for 29 years, but older than a college freshman.

Dispirited, my hopes weren’t dashed immediately though. I still held out for the chance that the casting director and clients would be amazed by my test shots enough to call me back for the shoot. Alas, it’s 4:27 pm on June 10th, the day they said they would call back for the next round. Ah well, there’s always next time!

Afterwards, Rae and I drove back to the South Bay to attend Levi and Vanessa’s housewarming party in Sunnyvale. Met up with Jason Chen, a fellow Canon DSLR owner and friend of Mike “the Tiger” Tanaka. We had our June 2004 COBA meeting last night. I didn’t take a single photo during the evening, mainly because (1) I was giving one of the presentations, and (2) it was really dark during the second presentation!

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