Stockholm, Sweden

Another day at sea, another port of call. Our cruise took us to Stockholm, Sweden.

The highlight of the day was visiting the Vasa Museum. The Vasa was a Swedish warship which sunk on its maiden voyage. Years later, they discovered the resting her underwater resting place and raised her to the surface. Today, the Vasa is proudly displayed in a museum of its own. The amount of preserved artifacts they were able to recover from the ship was amazing — games, cheese (I wouldn’t eat it though!), clothes, books, and more. Looking at the ship, one could easily tell why it sunk — it was far too top heavy.

Following the museum, Rae and I wandered through the Old City. We had fun in the Ice Gallery, a re-creation of a room in Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel that’s built every year. Remember the ice hotel/structure that was built in the last James Bond movie? This is the real deal, not some Hollywood facade! Though I’m not much a fan of cold weather, I would love to visit and stay in the Ice Hotel one of these days!

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