Copengagen, Denmark

Growing up in San Diego, one would expect to see a lot of boats visiting the coastal town. Still, I don’t recall ever seeing as many large boats as I’ve seen in the places we’ve visited on this cruise. Sure, there are tons of smaller personal boats and military vessels docked in the harbor, but there aren’t as many cruise ships or tankers around San Diego. Ships are everywhere on the open sea in Northern Europe, ferrying oil, goods and supplies to who knows where.

Adam the accupuncturist told us about Cristiania, a 1000-person commune located on one of Copenhagen’s many islands. Cristiania reminded me of a huge Synergy or Columbae co-op from Stanford. Vegeterian or vegan food smells wafted through the restaurant where Rae, Levi, Vanessa, and I had lunch (we also ran into Adam and Jen the Amber Girl there). Everywhere wasn’t so much run-down in the commune as it was well-used and heavily tricked out. They even had there own postal system for mail within the commune and mail to the outside world.

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