Supriya and Mitchell

On Sunday afternoon, Rae and I attended the wedding on Supriya and Mitchell at the San Mateo Garden Center. Though I’ve attended numerous Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s growing up in San Diego, I had never been to a Jewish wedding until this weekend. Rabbi Ari Cartun did a great job in making accessible the many Jewish customs we witnessed, including the role of the chuppah (wedding canopy) and the sheva brachot (seven blessings).

Having recently returned from France (the photos and commentary are coming!), I found it very cool to see Tamar, Courtney, and Liliana at the wedding, all of whom we were with in the Stanford in Paris program. It’s been 8-9 years since I’ve seen Liliana, who’s teaching down in Albuquerque. If I had known that she was there, I would have called her up when I visited Suzannah! I also met up with several Stanford students from ’96 and ’97, including Jamie, Xin-Hua, Guillermo, and Josh.

Here are some photos from Supriya and Mitchell’s wedding. For once, it was good to have been able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wedding festivities without the pressure of having to photograph everything.

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