Hao's BBQ

I thought that I knew the Stanford campus inside and out, but I guess the old Farm still has a few secret hideouts waiting to be discovered. This weekend, we went to a BBQ and housewarming at Hao’s foothill retreat at the Wilcox Solar Observatory. I remember running through the Stanford Foothills as an undergraduate — back when there were no paved roads up to the Dish — but I don’t ever recall passing this building! The living space reminded me of the Row Houses Bob or Xanadu, but downsized to fit just one person instead of 60-70 people!

Wushu people like Stephen, Tami, George, Doris, and Ben were present, along with a number of Stanford/Cal/Utah friends of Hao’s. Rae and I had a big dim sum restaurant just before heading to the party, so we weren’t too much in a mood to eat (looked yummy though!).

The weather has turned cold and wet this weekend. I guess it’s time to start layering the clothes and putting on more blankets at night!

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