Rae performed at the Varnish Art Gallery in San Francisco last week. Facing East’s Sue Li-Jue organized an event of women performers for the evening, including Yumi Thomas (Solo classical voice performance), Anamude (Vocalist and guitarist), Jenny Zhang (Performance artist), and Nitya Venkateswaran (South Indian Classical Dance).

Rae performed The Bowl, this time without any A/V problems at the beginning (as there were at APAture two months ago). From Varnish’s second floor, I videotaped and photographed the event. The gallery is located near Second and Mission, and there were quite a few hip San Franciscans wandering around the street and in the gallery (think leather jackets, sport coats, dress shirts). The group of people who came to the event wasn’t exactly the type that would normally attend a Kearny Street or APAture event, but hey, I’m all for expanding their horizons!

In other news, my photo hard drive has been restored, and the old drive will soon be sent to Western Digital for analysis. I’m still investigating RAID 5 solutions; when I have more to write about, you’ll be the first to know!

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