Palm White Elephant

Another year, another White Elephant party for the former Content and Access group at Palm. Once again, we held the event at Vive Sol restaurant in Mountain View, with Katherine, Raja, Vijay, Dave, Glen, Greg, Jon, Vinay, Tatiana, and Morgan attending.

I had bought some iPod socks for my gift; surprisingly, only Glen out of the whole group had an iPod! Guess which gift he took? I chose some DVD’s as my present, but they were promptly stolen by Morgan. In the end, I managed to walk away with a crystal Mikasa bowl.

One of the gifts handed out was a Palm button-down shirt. I have an untold number of t-shirts, sweaters, and button-downs from my time at Palm. I wonder how much they’d fetch on eBay. If it’s anything like my old Palm handhelds, unfortunately, it won’t be much!

1 thought on “Palm White Elephant

  1. Hey Adam. Wish I could have been at the Palm.Net Christmas party with you guys. It’s great that everyone still gets together (although the group is thinning a little).

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