Another year, another MacWorld. Except for a couple of years (during Apple’s dark times), I have been going to MacWorld since I was in college. Back then, the Marguerite Shuttle didn’t provide service, and this meant a very long walk from El Camino and Palm Avenue to my dorm!

Since this entry is coming rather late, you all know what Apple released at this MacWorld, the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle.

The Mac mini is really small, and it’s faster than the 3-year old Quicksilver Powermac sitting under my desk. I’ve been putting off upgrading my Mac until this year; I’m waiting to see what the next revision to the PowerMac will be. It looks like I’ll be upgrading monitors at that time to. The big decision for me is whether or not to splurge on the 30″ Cinema Display or “settle” for the 23″ Cinema. My 17-inch Studio Display has served me well over the years, but even at 1280×1024, it’s getting to be a bit cramped. Too bad I can’t use this monitor with the mini (without an expensive ADC-DVI adapter), because I would have seriously considered doing a mini-upgrade to the Mac mini in lieu of a PowerMac G5.

The iPod shuffle looks to be a perfect fit for cycling. I’m looking forward to getting one of those in time for the beginning of my cycling season. It’s winter time (even the Bay Area gets cold at times), so I’ve been mostly sitting on my butt and not exercising.

As is routine at MacWorld, I ran into a number of people at the conference. COBA members and photography people like Rick Smolan and Jim Goldstein, SNUG members like Peter and Lewis, and others like Victor/Athena/Vienna and Eric were all making their annual pilgrimage to MacWorld. I also had the pleasure of meeting great software developers, Steven Frank of Panic and Alberto Ricci of Ovolab.

I know I’m behind schedule, but I’m getting close to updating this web site. I’m moving over to WordPress real soon now!

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