Edwardian Ball

The Fifth Annual Edwardian Ball was held at the Cat Club in San Francisco this past Saturday. Though I had skipped out on the event in years past, I decided to go this time at the gentle urging of Rae and her friends. Before the event, we celebrated Petrice’s birthday at Picaro’s, a tapas restaurant at 16th and Valencia. Tapas seemed to be the in-thing Saturday night in the City—Dardy celebrated Peter’s birthday at Cha Cha Cha’s.

Guys, if you want to know what to wear at an Edwardian Ball, think Jack the Ripper. Top hats, capes, and dark clothes for the guys and corsets and big, colorful dresses for the girls. I’m definitely glad that Rae loaned me her cape and top hat; otherwise, I would have looked quite out of place!

Not including mine, I counted at least 5 digital SLR’s in the crowd. I had seen one of the photogs at a swing dance event in the City a few months back, but the others were new. One Digital Rebel, one Mark II, and three Nikon-variants were happily taking picture after picture of the festivities. Although I had brought my camera with me, I didn’t feel the urge to take that many photos. There were certainly tons of photo opportunities, though. I especially liked the guy dressed up in the praying mantis costume!

Nearing 1:00 am, Vau De Vire Society took the stage along with Rosin Coven to perform “theatrical presentation of stories from the infamous Edward Gorey.” Several thoughts came to my mind while watching them: Great White, Rio Nightclubs, “Where’s the nearest exit?”, and “I really hope they have a fire permit!” One can definitely see how small, enclosed areas, lots of people, misfortune, and fire can have deadly consequences.

On the drive home, Rae and I were driving pass the 280/92 interchange in lane 3 when we spied a Highway Patrol car on our right. Up ahead a white car in lane 1 cut in front of the cop, who quickly moved and then slowed into the shoulder of lane 4. As we passed the cop, the white car swerved into and out of our lane not once but twice. On the second time, I slowed down and high-beamed the car. It was at this point that the cop passed us, pulled up behind the white car and turned on his lights. We don’t know whether the guy was drunk or asleep, but he was being busted tonight. In the past week, we’ve seen how falling asleep at the wheel can have equally deadly consequences.

January 31, 2005 Update
Just found out that a photo of Rae and me is in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle! I guess the woman with the Canon 1D Mark II series camera was a Chronicle photographer (Christina Koci Hernandez). Cool deal!

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