MacGyver DVD

Frankly, I thought this day would never come: MacGyver on DVD!!! I once tried getting the series on VCD’s via eBay, but I lost out on the bid. My patience has paid off—I will soon have the entire 7-season collection in pristine-DVD quality!

It’s funny, but most people growing up today would associate Richard Dean Anderson with Colonel Jack O’Neill, the gun-toting military man from Stargate SG-1. That character is a far cry from MacGyver, a thinking man’s hero who outwitted his opponents with his mind instead of guns or burly biceps.

Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • Gauntlet: Has the greatest opening gambit of all-time!
  • Thief of Budapest: Thought this one had The Map opening gambit, but that was Gauntlet. A good episode on its own, though.
  • Deathlock: A deadly house and MacGyver’s trapped. Can he escape?
  • Trumbo’s World: Ants, ants, and more ants!
  • Eagles: The climbing was great (albeit a little unrealistic).
  • Phoenix Under Siege: Stanley Cup Playoffs and MacGyver and Harry are stuck in the Phoenix Foundation.
  • Partners: Murdoc’s first appearance.
  • Ghost Ship: Bigfoot sighting!
  • The Widowmaker: Murdoc strikes again!
  • Hell Week: Is this what college was supposed to be like?
  • The Endangered: Lost opportunities and Forest Rangers!
  • Blood Brothers: With an early appearance of 90210’s Jason Priestly.
  • The Invisible Killer: Still suspensful after all these years.
  • Logjam: More lost opportunities make up an excellent subplot to this exciting adventure.
  • Passages: Definitely a philosophical episode.
  • Strictly Business: Murdoc’s back!
  • Good Knight, MacGyver: No wonder he never goes by his first name!
  • The Stringer: Season finale, the end of MacGyver’s TV run.

Finally, some links to other MacGyver resources on the web:

Links to various MacGyver information, I’ve collected over the years:

9 thoughts on “MacGyver DVD

  1. Elias Safatli

    MacGyver was and still is one of my favorite TV shows.
    I plan to buy the DVDs as well.


  2. MacGyver on DVD

    !(> (MacGyver on DVD)!
    I’ve just found out – thanks to “_Adam Tow_”: – that I’ll soon be able to have “*every single MacGyver episodes on DVD*”:http://www.macgyverondvd

  3. So when will the DVD’s for MacGyver be ready to buy? I also thought the show was extremely well done.


  4. Mike

    Any idea when they may release the other seasons?

  5. seems to have up-to-date information on upcoming releases. One of their news posts says to expect quarterly releases of subsequent MacGyver seasons.

  6. YAY i loved this show as a kid, good ol Macgyverisms :) i still use that term at work today :) i wonder if the rumors that they are still going to do a movie :) anyway i hope they release this in Australia Soon :)

  7. Aeolus

    My hero: MacGyver
    My heroine:Greek Goddess Athena

    See the correlation ^_^

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