SNUG 11th Anniversary

There were a lot less people at the 11th Anniversary Stanford Newton User Group meeting this evening. Flash, Glen, Rosie, Lewis, and Randeep were the old standbys. Thomas Tempelmann, a longtime member who relocated a few years back to Munich, Germany, also came to the meeting. Apparently, he met Flash at MacWorld earlier this month.

There wasn’t too much talk about the Newton tonight. I spoke to Thomas primarily about Burning Man; Thomas has been there for the past seven years now. I’ve always been fascinated by the event, though I’ve never attended. Perhaps one of these years! Lunatic kept everyone entertained with his stories about fine dining and his workplace. Flash and I noted how Handspring has completed its “takeover” of PalmOne with the resignation of current CEO Ted Bradley and the appointment of Ed Colligan. Finally, Rosie demonstrated to Thomas and Randeep (at the other side of the cafe) Delicious Library, a Mac OS X application that creates a virtual digital library of your possesions (i.e. books, CD’s, DVD’s). Cool stuff!

So, my entry about the Edwardian Ball is currently numero uno on Google’s search page after being live for only one day! I’ve already been getting requests for photos from the event!

Special thanks to Tom Whitnah for taking our SNUG group photo. He worked on Paul Rankin’s Voices in Your Hand DVF project at Stanford. Voices is currently undergoing field trials in Recife, Brazil!

3 thoughts on “SNUG 11th Anniversary

  1. Elias Safatli

    great report.

  2. new layout is lookin’ good! i like the “make bigger/smaller” buttons on the picture slideshow pages. question: couldn’t find a 1-click way to get back to your homepage short of just re-typing it in the address bar – maybe it was right in front of me but I just missed it? i know, i’m lazy. :)

  3. Adam

    Caroline – Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I have a little more work to do integrating the photo gallery code with the blog code. Once I do, you’ll be able to click back to the main post page.

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