Eric's Loft

Last weekend, I went over to Eric’s loft in Oakland to test his Dell 3000cn color laser printer. I’m still thinking of purchasing a 3100cn, which just happens to be on sale again. 40% off via a coupon! It’s very tempting, at least until you think about the high price of replacement toner!

Vienna and Jim came by a few hours later to prepare for dinner. We got a chance to look at some of the footage from Vienna’s Benefit Concert the week before. It’s now available via Quicktime streaming for those of you who couldn’t make the show in person!

All of the close-up camera work was done by yours truly. Watch those pans and zooms at the most (in)appropriate times, “Stop, Adam! Don’t move the camera!” Haha, nah, it’s all good. Donate and check out the webcast!

Photos from the weekend. Tilt-shift lenses are very cool.

5 thoughts on “Eric's Loft

  1. tyler

    the 3100cn at $411 shipped fee + $100/color cartridge + $50/black per 4K pages, i’ve been wondering about a colour laser printer also, do you think it’s work it?

  2. tyler

    “worth” not work heh …

  3. The deal is even better, though it ends tomorrow (3/30/05):

    40% off Dell 3100cn Color Laser Printer 600dpi, 25ppm/5ppm $549 – 40% off
    code:1SM391BXDSMZFF = $329 shipped free

    Reviews have said it’s a pretty good printer (see my previous entry on the 3100cn). For photographs, it won’t be as good as an inkjet or lab print, but it will suffice for less demanding purposes. For business documents, it should be fine. Besides, if you don’t print in color, you can always use it as a black and white laser printer! Keep in mind, though, that it’s very large and somewhat noisy when running.

    As for me, I’m still on the fence. That deal and others will follow, so there no rush on my end to get one right now.

  4. sd

    Hey adam, what do you think about table/desk options. I was looking at Eric’s and it seems to be similar to something I might like. I have been looking into a few, but haven’t found the right set up. Maybe a frosted glass or something a bit more modern. Eric’s looks to be clean and not too space consuming. I just need something for my Mac and some arm room, but enough space for extras. BTW what do you use?


  5. Just a simple desk for me, four-legs and no drawers. It’s actually a little too high, so I have a box on the ground for my feet. My 17-inch Studio Display is propped up a few inches to reduce neck strain.

    One of these days, I’ll invest in a nice desk for myself!

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