Hair Cut!

I’ve rejoined the ranks of those without long hair! On Saturday, Rae and I went to diPietro Todd Salon for my free haircut, courtesy of Alice 97.3, Locks of Love, and Rogaine. I wish I had set my appointment for noon instead of 2:00 pm, because I missed the radio broadcast, television crews, and newspaper photographers! I did get a chance, however, to meet with Alice DJ Sterling James! It’s always cool to put a face behind the voice on the radio.

After a very relaxing shampoo job by Nina, I was whisked away to Debra, who proceeded to cut the ponytail and style my hair ala Ethan Hunt and Gaius Baltar And just like that, I was back to relatively short hair (by my standards)!

It certainly feels different; I’ve been catching myself trying to pull my now non-existent ponytail — reflex response, I figure. Do I like it or not? Yes, I like it because it’s different! If I get sick of it, I can always (1) grow it out again or (2) chop it off. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the new look.

3 thoughts on “Hair Cut!

  1. Can’t beat a free haircut for a good cause! Nice look.

  2. Elaine Hom-Schumache

    Wow! Hey, will be in San Diego in June and then Bay Area in the fall. Hope to see you then!


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