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Digital Rebel XT

While Eric is off swimming with the sharks, he had shipped to my house a new Canon Digital Rebel XT. My first impression after opening the box was, “This thing is soooo small!” I had always thought that Canon would release a G-series digicam with interchangeble lenses to go with a bigger image sensor, but I was wrong. Canon was able to shrink an EOS camera into the size of a PowerShot G-series camera!

This camera will be a hit with women and people with small hands. For me, the camera felt almost too small for comfort; my fingers kept rubbing against the larger lenses I put on the camera. That said, its small size isn’t too much of a deterrent. I wonder if I should get one to use as an everyday, walkaround camera. Compared to the diminuitive size of the Digital Rebel XT, my Mark II is a tank!

Image quality is going to be roughly the same versus the 20D or even the 1D Mark II. The bigger camera is necessary when you push the camera to the limits of speed, low-light, and ruggedness, but for most day-to-day situations, the Rebel will do just fine. One thing that I am not looking forward to — if I get one — is learning the camera’s new user interface. I’ve become so accustomed to the way the Mark II that operating it has become instinctual. Switching to a Rebel or 20D would require me to stop, think, and then act.


12 thoughts on “Digital Rebel XT

  1. sd says:

    I need a new camera! I’m using a Sony CyberShot for my site at the moment. Need a nice SLR though. Can’t decide between Canon or Nikon! :)

  2. DaHamster says:

    Thanks Adam. I did not even know you had an infromation button for the pictures. : ) By the way, you look like Kaneshiro Takeshi with your new hair style.

    Take care!

  3. Alex A (beware of fake ones) says:

    i have seen another photographer do that. i thought he didn’t like his camera anymore. now i saw you do that…but i know you love your camera.

    check out the time stamp on these responses. i am seeing they are CDT-1. or is that me alone?

  4. Well, i have not gotten the camera yet, but it is coming soon!
    i got the silver
    the black looks smaller, but they are actually the same
    i got silver cause it was cheaper and i am only 13 years old and i dont have the budget to pay for black, i got a good deal-i got the body cause my parents have 2 ef lenses already but i got it for 500 with shipping

    but i am gonna make a website with the photos i take

    i cant afford a domain name

    i cant wait till i get this camera!!!!

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