Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Review

John Siracusa is at it again, this time with his 20 page review of Tiger, the latest version of Mac OS X. Siracusa always does a good job of making the complex easy to understand. I’m looking forward to using Tiger on my computer. With the announcement of the new speedbumped PowerMacs, perhaps it is time to upgrade my venerable 4-year old QuickSilver PowerMac to a dual-processor G5.

Alex mentioned to me over email that Automator can replace our Read It To Me. This was exactly what I was thinking after reading Page 20 of the review. There are in fact a number of features in Tiger that harken back to projects I’ve been involved with in the past — Dashboard reminds me of DoDots (sorry, Konfabulator) and Automator shares features and design philosophies of Read It To Me and Soybo (yet another ambitious project of mine which has sorely been neglected).

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