Tami's Birthday Party

Tami’s friends gathered at the Yank Sing restaurant in Downtown San Francisco. Apparently, this is a very popular dim sum restaurant, though I have never heard about it until now. They sell these glass teapots which are completely transparent — their claim to fame, I guess. The food was actually pretty good. We all had our share of dumplings, baos, and gai-lan.

Most, if not all, of the people at lunch were somehow affiliated with Cal Wushu. The group which came quite a bit later brought Tami two cakes, a tiara, and a sash — the birthday girl now turned into Ms. Chinatown San Francisco!

Rae and I had to leave a bit early (no chance to eat the cake!) to get down to Cantor Art Museum at Stanford. Today was the last day of the On The Edge exhibit of Chinese artists. As we were walking to the museum, I saw and greeted former President Gerhard Casper! I believe he was at an event next to the museum (workers were taking down a large series of tents there). Always a pleasure to meet the former President of your University! I remember shaking his hand and getting my picture taken during graduation. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to do it again 8 years later!

For temporary exhibitions, Cantor does not allow you to take photographs, though you’re free to do so in every other part of the museum. Since I didn’t know this, I was able to get a couple of shots before being told about the photography policy.

3 thoughts on “Tami's Birthday Party

  1. Alex A.(beware of fake ones)

    What is the amount of “sharpen” level you had on your camera for these pics?

    Or, you have the least “sharpen” level on the camera and apply USM later in post-processing?


  2. 0 sharpening in-camera. For these images, no post-processing; I just resized the image for web display. Other galleries, I use CaptureOne to do my post-processing.

  3. ben

    nice as always. great seeing you guys there!

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