I wrote my first Workflow using Automator today. This is what I wanted Soybo to be, a system whereby a user can easily string together actions from a diverse set of applications. One difference between Soybo and Automator is that a user would be able to access these actions from various devices — a cell phone, a PDA, or another computer on the Internet.

At any rate, the Workflow that I created basically does three things:

  1. Copies selected photos from a memory card to a temporary staging area on my ReadyNAS 600
  2. Renames the photos using ExifRenamer
  3. Moves the photos to the appropriate YYYY-MM-DD directories

Granted, I could have done this without Automator, but this new Tiger application makes things much easier. Now, my workflow for dealing with new photographs is completely automated. Good job, Apple!

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