Petrice's Graduation

From the time that I first met Petrice, she’s been studying for her Masters in Nursing from UCSF. This past Friday, we celebrated her graduation from the program with her friends and family! The commencement was held at a packed Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco. Rae and I arrived a few minutes late, so we sat in the nosebleed section.

There was a reception at the Fairmont Hotel, but because the ceremony went a little over time, we didn’t spend too much time mingling and snacking.

Petrice, Q, and two other graduates rented out the basement of Hunan Homes for dinner. Our table was a cross between those in the medical industry — Chris, Dominic, Jason, and Lana — and those in the newly-or-getting married camp — Luna, Elario, Donna, Rae and me!

Yes, tis the time for transitions. Petrice graduates from UCSF, Apple transitions from PowerPC to Intel processors, the end of Star Wars, and our upcoming wedding!

2 thoughts on “Petrice's Graduation

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  2. Petrice

    Once again, you save the memories of this photophobe. Many of my pictures did not turn out, so thanks a million! It’s great to have you around. I am relieved that you are becoming a permanent member in my family of friends. Congratulations on marrying my lady, Rae.

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