Dana Elcar and Contacts

Dana Elcar, most famous [to me] for playing MacGyver’s boss, Pete Thornton, died on Monday of complications from pneumonia. He had a long and productive life, but I’m still feeling sad.

MacGyver was my favorite TV show growing up. Pete and Mac had great chemistry together up until the last episode of the series. In later years, Elcar developed glaucoma which rendered him virtually blind. Instead of writing him out of the series, the producers decided to incorporate Elcar’s condition in the show. I remember getting choked up when he told MacGyver he was losing his eyesight!

I’m writing this entry without my glasses. Yesterday, I picked up a trial pair of contacts. I’m undecided whether I’m going to wear contacts for the wedding or if I’ll stick with my scratched up glasses. As much as I like my Kazuo Kawasaki glasses, I really hate how the anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating on my Crizal lenses have worn off over the past 4 years. My camera eyepiece should not cause the coating to wear off so quickly!

Apparently, Crizal has a new lens coating out called Crizal Alizé, and it’s supposed to be far superior to the original Crizal coating or the TD2 scratch resistant (but not anti-reflective coating). A year’s supply of contacts are $$$. New lenses won’t be that bad, but I wonder if it’s just better to get LASIK surgery and be done with it. A number of my friends have gotten it. Time to join the crowd?

I look in the mirror and I see a different person. To my eyes, I don’t look like me! I wore contacts once before in 1998-1999, but I never got used to them. We shall see!

1 thought on “Dana Elcar and Contacts

  1. Hey Adam, I agree Pete was MacGyver’s real sidekick for the show. I have the first season on DVD too. It’s nice you’re making mention of him.

    About the vision probs, I think you should go with the Lasik or the contacts if possible. Just my two cents. :)

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