Tour de France

The switch to DSL at the house means no cable, no OLN, and no television coverage of the Tour de France for me this year.

I followed today’s punishing Stage 10 by refreshing three sites with live updates (CyclingNews, VeloNews, and Le Tour). Although it would be more exciting to watch it live, the short dispatches every few minutes kept my imagination running as Armstrong, Valverde, Rasmussen, and Mancebo ran away from the field at Courchevel.

Currently, I’m following these websites:

Are there any other must-visit sites that I’ve missed?

Update July 17, 2005: Found a live audio update from TDFBlog. Copy and paste the below URL into Windows Media Player and stay up-to-date with the race live!


2 thoughts on “Tour de France

  1. LOL! No, Adam, I don’t think those 12 cycling sites are enough! We must find some more! (And I thought I was already obsessed by checking VeloNews, CyclingNews, Yahoo! Cycling News, and Jan Ullrich’s diary!) :)

  2. J is kinda fun.

    Also, if you go to OLN’s site they have some video clips from the broadcast (

    And it’s worthwhile to go and see if you can view a rebroadcast of stage 10, at least the last climb up the Courchevel. That was some serious hammering.

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