Adam and Rae Wedding

Three weeks ago today, Rae and I got married! Woo hoo! Big thanks to all the friends and family who helped make our wedding day extra special!

We had a tremendous amount of coverage during the wedding. Kudos to everyone who brought their cameras and videocameras to the event! We’re still sorting through all the photos! In the meantime, we’ve created a smugmug gallery for you to browse. We’ve separated the gallery into eight sections.

Click on the photos below to enter each individual smugmug gallery. Or go to the main gallery for the wedding.

Wedding Shower

Adam and Rae's Wedding Shower

We held a wedding shower at the Chang residence on May 15, 2005. Thanks to Eric Cheng for taking photos during the event!

Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremony with Willie Brown!

We actually got married in a civil ceremony at San Francisco’s City Hall on June 1, 2005. We even got a photo with Former Mayor Willie Brown, who was present for a function with the Governator. Following the ceremony, Rae and I joined a protest outside of City Hall. Getting married in the City, you get to see and experience everything!

Thanks to Eric and Randy for documenting the event!

Preparations and Decorations

Preparations and Decorations

Rae gets her hair done, Adam gets tux’ed up, and Quinlan Community Center in Cupertino is transformed into a wedding site! Thanks to all of the relatives and friends who helped decorate the facility!

Art Reception

Adam and Rae's Wedding Art Reception

Wedding guests marveled at the photographs of Adam and Rae through the years prior to the wedding ceremony. In addition to the 6 wedding invitation posters, we had 8 additional frames detailing events from our time together since that fateful day on July 4, 2001 when we first met.


Adam and Rae's Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place under sunny and partly cloudy skies in the Memorial Park Amphitheater. Since we already were married, neither of us were nervous or having second thoughts. My Aunt Mei and Uncle Vincent did a great job as the co-officiants. I had to hold back some tears while listening to Uncle Vincent’s great speech.


Wedding Guests at Adam and Rae

A shout out to Mike Tanaka for the great wedding formals! There were nearly 300 guests at our wedding, and organizing them into the giant group photo on the right was no easy task!


Jabba the Cake at Adam and Rae's wedding

A great thanks to Shinmin Li of I Dream of Cake for her awesome talents in creating Jabba the Cake! Mighty Jabba was definitely the highlight of the evening, easily eclipsing poor Han and Leia. If you need a cake for your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact Shinmin. Be brave and customize your cake!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes at Adam and Rae's

Last but not least is our Behind the Scenes gallery! Here, you can see pre-production sketches of Jabba the Cake, how we did our wedding invitations, our reconnaissance missions to Quinlan, and our napkin folding adventures!

We’re really happy to have documented a fair amount of the planning that went into our wedding day.

Additional Coverage

Here are the links to other people’s coverage of the event. If you have posted your photos online and would like to share them, please let us know!

Top Ten Quotes From The Wedding

So many memories, so many quotes! If you have a memorable quote from the wedding, leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

  1. Salim Lakhani: How many engineers does it take to disassemble an arch?
  2. Uncle Peter: I’m soooo drunk. Whose wedding is this?
  3. Rae: There’s enough hairspray on my head to destroy a whole layer of ozone.
  4. Kai Chang (arriving 1 1/2 hour late): Where is everybody?!
  5. Alisa Wong (ditto): Am I supposed to go somewhere?
  6. Rae (doing her best Star Wars impersonation): Your skin is so soft…not like sand.
  7. Adam (during his mom’s speech): No she’s not drunk.
  8. Greg, Quinlan staff attendant to Edna: Can you hold onto my term paper
    for just a minute while I do something?
  9. Random guests: Can we eat Jabba?
  10. Mike Tanaka, formals photographer: Hi everyone, I’m Mike. Look over here!

10 thoughts on “Adam and Rae Wedding

  1. Adam, great collection of memories. Thanks for sharing them with everyone, looks like a fun time! Best hopes for you and Rae. :)

  2. Alex

    My best wishes to you both!! The most creative wedding I’ve seen.

  3. Terrific photos. Thank you for sharing them with the general public.

    Once again. Best wishes to you both.

  4. Tony

    Congratulations to you both!
    I still remember your blog entries when you guys met.
    Very funny movie parodies.
    I’m getting married next Wednesday, how times have changed.
    Blessed be.

  5. Bill

    Congratulations Rae and Adam.
    When I first met you and started following your journal, I saw both of you together so much I wondered if you were married. Now I know! I wish you both a lot of happiness and smooth sailing through life together!

  6. jay

    hey adam:
    congrats to you two, awesome pics.

    good luck and here’s to the future.

    take care,

  7. Skip Oberon

    Hey there you too! Congrats! You are embarking on a wondrous journey that may, at first, seem an awful lot like it did before you all got hitched up, but if you look at it at a much deeper level, you’re going to find that so so much more has happened in the past months. You have probably noticed that you laugh at the same jokes, and Rae, you’ll notice that you’ll hold hands slightly less often, but when it happens, Adam’ll give you that special “God I’m glad I married this gal” smile. You may also notice hair growing in strange places: it’s perfectly normal! God bless you both and I hope that little “Raedam” or “Arae” will be bouncing on Uncle Peter’s knee sometime in the next 4-6 months! ;)

  8. Thank you very much for allowing us to look at your wonderful wedding photo’s. They really are very good!

    Congratulations to you both

  9. Congratulations. The pictures look great, very different indeed. Must have been a beautiful day! Good luck to you both.

  10. I just think it is great that you have this site to remember your special day. Many people would not have thought to put up a site so relatives and friends could share your memories. Great idea and it looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

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