Tour d'Adam

I finally found a way to beat Lance Armstrong (and all other contenders) and win the Tour de France next year!

Tour d'Adam

Kudos to Randy for pacing me right into the peloton!

Time for me to get onto my other bike and go out for a spin. I recently purchased a new set of cranks for my bike, the FSA Gossamer MegaExo. I’m looking forward to getting the new cranks installed. My current cranks are creaky! I’m going from a 53-39 to a 50-34 up front with my 12-25 rear 8-speed cassette. This should provide betting gearing for me up these Bay Area hills. I’ve gotten tired of slowly grinding up hills in the 39-25. I can’t believe I rode the bike with an 11-21 cassette for years!

I have a feeling that compact cranks will become standard for most road bikes sold to consumers in the future. Triples are heavier and the extra gearing is practically nullified with a compact crank and a good rear cassette.

The next upgrade I’ll probably do to my bike is a complete overhaul of the components. It’ll probably be cheaper to buy a new bike seeing what the prices are like for 10-speed stuff!

1 thought on “Tour d'Adam

  1. Adam, very cool about going the compact crank route. Those MegaExo’s are particularly nice due to the outboard bearings, which add stiffness. It’s a very light setup too. I will switch to a compact crank after I settle down, probably at the end of the year. Now if only I could find a good lookin’ compact crank in silver to match the rest of my componentry!

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