Yerba Buena Festival

Yesterday, there was a free festival at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Garden. Rae and I were looking forward to a performance by Xeno — think punk Cirque du Soleil — but were disappointed when their act was cancelled. I’m not sure why; instead of flying acrobatics and twirling fire sticks, we got a comedian (Robert Turner was his name?)

Tons of people hanging out at the festival and in the nearby Metréon. The weather was warm, but nowhere near the furnace temperatures in the South Bay. Rae and I ended up watching War of the Worlds. $10.50 per ticket, and we have to suffer through 30 minutes of commercials before the movie! CostCo has a deal with AMC Theaters, $14 for 2 tickets. That’s more reasonable, although I still remember when tix were lower than that. The movie itself was enjoyable; I don’t have many memories of the original 1953 movie other than the sound of the alien ray guns, dchoo, dchoo, dchoo!

Afterwards, we had dinner with Rae’s cousin, Larry, at Chaat Cafe on Third and Folsom. If you bring in your ticket stub from the Metréon, you get 20% your order.

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