No Chain

No Chain. That’s the saying in cycling when your ride is effortless and you’re in the zone. Today, I experienced another type of “no chain” when my chain snapped into two. It happened when I was returning home. There’s a very short, but steep hill less than half a mile from Clubertino. I typically approach the hill at a fast clip, hoping that my momentum will allow me to stay in the big ring up the hill. I know it’s hard on the bike, evidenced by all the creaking noises it makes as I make my way up. Today, as I shifted into an easier gear on the big ring, I heard a snapping down. My feet fell forward, the result of there being no more chain.

Looks like I’ll be replacing more than my cranks in next week. Any recommendations on what kind of chain to get? I’ve heard good things about SRAM chains with Power Link. For my 8-speed bike, I’m looking at the PC-68 or the PC-58.

Until then, it looks like I’ll be running instead of cycling!

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