I went out for a 7.4 mile run today from my house to the intersection of Mt. Eden and Stevens Canyon Road in Saratoga. Assuming the mileage is correct — I’ll confirm once my bike is operational again — I did the run at an 8:30 pace over 63 minutes. Not bad!

As a ninth grader in San Diego, I participated in my first, and to this date only, half-marathon. Out of 1030 entrants, I came in 500th place with a time of 1:43:14, a 7:51 pace. Sadly, I burned out of running after that race, becoming a sad shell of my former self in cross-country competitions my remaining years in high school.

One of these days, I’ll have to time myself over 13.1 miles and see where I am fitness-wise to my ninth grade form. It turns out running isn’t that bad once you have logged a few miles in your tires. It also helps to have either (1) someone running with you or (2) some music playing in your ears.

1 thought on “Running

  1. Not a bad time at all Adam! I agree with you about the music in the ears though. The iPod alone gets me running more now than in the past.

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