Amy and Jeremy: Bon Voyage

Amy and Jeremy are leaving the Bay Area for a cross-country road trip in their Eurovan! They held a going away party at Heritage Oaks Park in Los Altos with their friends and colleagues. This “pack up your bags and travel” bug is getting contagious, Felix just left for his own cross-country road trip a month ago!

The past three years, Amy has been doing a great job as the Program Coordinator at the Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship Program at Stanford. I’m going to miss her when next year’s fellows start, but I have no doubt that Vi will continue the terrific work! It’s hard to believe that the next batch of fellows will be arriving in just three weeks!

Jeremy and Amy’s friends are all very good ultimate players. As much as I love playing the game, I really suck at throwing the disc. Although I can run fast, lay out for catches, and defend decently, I crack under pressure when holding the disc. Short passes, dump-offs, and the occasional hammer are my forté! I need more practice!

1 thought on “Amy and Jeremy: Bon Voyage

  1. Alex A

    Thank You, Adam. Now I know how that roof operates on the Euro Van. I always wondered, but no more!

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