Melanie and Oliver

Melanie and Oliver got married this past weekend! I met Oliver as we were completing high school, when the two of us were awarded scholarships from the San Diego Chinese American Scientists and Engineers Association. That was back in the beginning of 1993, 12 years! Reading my old journal, I see that I got my wisdom teeth pulled a few days before the scholarship banquet. I don’t think I would have been very talkative that night!

I first met Melanie at Justin’s 26th birthday party. Looking at the photos from 2001, I see a lot of familiar faces from the wedding, including John Liu, Eric Lin, Mel’s sister Monique, and Ann Ku. My cousin, Justin, was there too, providing a connection between my family and friends.

Rae and I are shooting a wedding this weekend in Monterey, but we were guests for this wedding. Sure I brought the camera, but I was happy to enjoy the festivities without having to work. From my perspective, the wedding photography was well-handled by Chung Chan, a college classmate of mine. I can’t wait to see his photos!

I ran into Mary Lin, a fellow Donner-ite at the wedding. She married Oliver’s cousin, Felix, 3 years ago and is now a resident in the Midwest. It’s been ages since I last saw Mary; I have good memories of our chats in Donner freshman year. Time is flying!!!

2 thoughts on “Melanie and Oliver

  1. Great pictures. I just wanted to also stop in and say hello The website looks nice.


  2. thanks for the photos! I was *really* bummed to have missed Oliver’s wedding. I’ve known him since elementary school, and he’s been a solid friend over the years.

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