Still Waiting

I’m still waiting to purchase a replacement for my 4.5 year old (and counting) PowerMac G4. It’s done a fantastic job over the years, but I’m yearning for a little bit more power and speed from my main desktop machine. Most of the main rumor sites were wrong in thinking that new PowerMacs and PowerBooks were on tap for Apple’s One More Thing event last Wednesday. Now, they are saying that new computers are coming out next week.

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Adam, what do you think of the so called, ‘new’ iMac G5s? I guess Steve had to plug the ‘year of the video’ a bit more with the new iPod. I’m getting a bit sick of the iPod push but what can they do till Intel right?…I want to get a new system too. I think a lot of people are just holding out because eventually they KNOW Apple will launch the perfect computer again, right around the corner. I still can’t bring myself to buy the iMac G5 in its current state…and with the black iSight spec at the top? Dunno. Keep us posted with your plans! Hope you and Rae are having fun as newlyweds.


  2. They look nice. Once I know more about the products that will be released on Friday, I’ll decide whether I want to buy a PowerMac or an iMac G5 to tide me over until MacIntel ships. If the dual-core PM’s are as fast as people say they will be, the pendulum will shift in favor of upgrading to a PM over an iMac.

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